so it’s been what? 7 months? sheesh. I actually forgot my login information on this website! I’m embarrassed. I’ve let you down.

no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’ve been taking advantage of the time with my growing daughter and husband. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing and really how fast the time goes! <sigh>

also this is happening: (again)


baby #2! Can’t believe it! SHE is due in 3 weeks and I’m going to largely blame her for my lack of commitment to this blog, as well : )

I have been baking still! Cookie are mostly my main jam now:






























football cookies

Still obsessed with cookie cutters and creating the cutest cookies  🙂

So, I’m going to be realistic and say that the action on this blog is prooooooooooobably going to remain the same..if not slower… ehhh. Please please please follow me on INSTAGRAM!!! That is really the best way to keep up with me because it’s super easy to post pictures. And I’m better at remembering to take the pics and post them!

Thank you to all my subscribers and viewers and supporters and such!! !I love you all and I’ve enjoyed this blog and the experience of being a blogger!!!

**This blog is not ending! I will be putting up things as they come up! But please follow me on INSTAGRAM!!!! And FACEBOOK!!!! ******