my love of lemon curd

yea baby. if you’ve had homemade lemon curd you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t–then you really need to make this.

(photo courtesy of glorious treats)

Don’t be intimidated by the eggs! You CAN make this!

I usually follow Martha Stewart’s recipe

and this is what hers always looks like

Lemon Curd

and what mine does:

lemon curd

(i improvised an ice bath)

I used it recently in a cake for my Aunt J’s 40th Birthday!

The inside of the cake looked just like Martha’s  I swear! I forgot to take pics of the night though so this is all I’ve got 😦

Here are some more desserts from the night:

aunt j cake

I’m super obsessed with rosette cakes right now.

pb choco cupcakes

peanut butter chocolate minis!

pb choco minis

40th bday cake

yuuuuummmmm. so seriously–give it a try!!! you’ll be eating it with a spoon!


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