Strawberry Bailey’s Icebox Cake

Need I say more??? So gorgeous. So delicious. So EASY!

What you need:

  • graham crackers
  • Bailey’s–you need a pastry brush! or something to brush it on the grahams. you can use your fingers if you have to!
  • strawberries
  • whip cream–make your own. seriously. much better than cool whip. eththhkkkkkk. My recipe: 1 quart of heavy whipping cream + 2 Tablespoons sugar + 1 T and 1 tsp vanilla. Mix in a stand mixer or hand mixer until whipped. perfect every time.
  • ganache 
  • fresh mint for garnish


Basically you just assemble this on a nice platter or plate. Wash and dry strawberries and then slice them thinly and set aside. Make your whip and set aside in the fridge. Get all your ingredients ready to assemble and pick out a beautiful dish or plate to put it on.

strawberry icebox

I also used a pastry bag to pipe the whip on there pretty. You don’t need this—you can just spread it on there evenly and prettily.

Start by spreading a little whip on the bottom of four grahams and place them side by side on the plate. Then brush some Bailey’s over each graham. Then pipe or spread whip over the whole thing, going right to the edge of the grahams because you want to see it in the layers. Then put the strawberries on, and repeat! I did four layers?? And then on the top just put a lot more strawberries on the top, then some whole ones, and drizzled ganache, then put a few mint sprigs. Voila! Put it in the fridge and let it set for several hours. I think mine set for like 8-10 hours–so if you wanna serve it for dessert, make it in the morning. You want the grahams to get soft so you can cut through easily.

strawberry ice box how to


strawberry ice box strawberry icebox

Now you can do some variations on this too: choco grahams. other fruit like blueberries. no Bailey’s (not as fun). chocolate whip!!!! Whoa just thought of that. It’s super easy and I thought pretty cheap too! YUM! Perfect for summer!

How to make Bride and Groom Pretzels

Remember this post about these bride and groom pretzels???


Well, I’ve been getting  a lot of interest about how to make them… and I thought “hey why don’t I make a video?”

And then I thought: “Wait–are you nuts? a VIDEO of YOU on the INTERNET that people SEE EVERYWHERE???”

So I didn’t.

But then I thought about it more, and watched a couple of how-to videos for decorating on you tube.

And then I did. AHHHHHHHH

Let me first just say that I was very nervous–I’m hypercritical of myself anyways and then to see myself and what I look like and what I really SOUND like (it’s weird to hear your own voice, right?) it’s actually giving me a lot of anxiety. BUT I did spend the time to do it, and my awesome husband shot the video and edited it, and awesome sister watched my daughter and dog so you wouldn’t hear them throughout (there were many outtakes) and we DID IT.

I really hope this helps you if you want to make these. Please be kind in your comments!!! : )

HERE IT IS: (gulp)

Please let me know if you still have any questions : )

and if you watch this and decide–welllll that’s still a lot of work: I’d be happy to make them for you 🙂




Happy Blog-iversary!

Can you believe it’s been 3 years since I started writing this blog???? Thanks to the wonderful people who created because they send you awesome reminders like “hey it’s been awhile since you posted” and “this is your 100th post!” And “congrats! You’ve had this blog for 3 years!” So I appreciate the encouragement Very helpful!!
When I first started this blog, it was “a girl and her purple mixer”— now, I’m happy to say it’s “a girl and her purple mixerS”!!!!!

Lucky for me, my husband spoils me. AND realizes that the sounds coming from my original mixer are not good. So it was time to get another one 😉 and this time I got the professional series– bigger and stronger. I LOVE IT!!

Thank you all for following me and supporting me and trying the recipes I post and laughing at me and my photo fails! I’m proud of what this blog has become and I have high hopes for the future! Xoxoxo