the cake boss makes cake mixes?!?!?

So, you’ve heard of the Cake Boss, right? Buddy Valastro? New Jersey baker? He has a bakery in Hoboken–Carlo’s Bakery. He has a show on TLC–“Cake Boss” and I was sorta obsessed with this show and may have watched the entire 7 seasons on netflix during my maternity leave.  It was only appropriate that my sister got me this for Christmas!!!


I didn’t know he made cake mixes but I was psyched and decided to try it! Here’s how it went:

IMG_1676 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1681 IMG_1682

All in all, very yummy. And super moist–probably because of the pudding component. For the frosting I whipped up some peanut butter buttercream which is basically regular buttercream that you whip peanut butter into! Hello peanut butter deliciousness! I was eating it by the spoonful out of the bowl and dipping apples into it. oh yea baby.

I’m hoping to make another trek to the Carlo’s again in the future….. stay tuned!

oh, and  I have  chalkboard wall in my house and I am OBSESSED with it. thank you Pinterest.




Hello 2014!

Hello hello! Yes, it’s been quite a long time. What? 6 months? Sheesh! Well, 2013 proved to be a great year: new home, new jobs, new BABY! So that’s where I’ve been for last half of 2013… here’s a recap of some things you missed:

A gorgeous wedding I had the pleasure of making cupcakes and cake for!

082 083 070 087 088 090 069 067 064

Birthday party!


apple themed birthday party–(which is super cute and I’m stealing one day)

175 163 172 164

baby shower cookies (yes, these were for MY baby shower. I couldn’t help myself! I love them!)

183 182 180 179

Turkey cookies for Thanksgiving!

IMG_1063 IMG_1028

Christmas cookies!

IMG_1277 IMG_1276 IMG_1275 IMG_1273

I did make some things for New Years but didn’t take pictures… sound familiar? UGH!! 2014=more photos. I’m like a crazy person taking pictures of my daughter right now so I just have to remember to photograph all of my creations as well!

I hope 2013 was good to you—who knows what 2014 will hold for us???