I really really like it!

I’m going to be honest with you. When I finish one of my creations, more times than not, I hate it. I’m suuuuuper critical about EVERYTHING that I make and I look it over and over with a fine toothed comb and then beat myself up about it the whole time I’m delivering it or waiting for it to be picked up until I can actually see the person’s face who it’s going to and they love it.

Actually I still panic that they were just being nice and they hated it too but that’s a different therapy session!

It’s not to say that I think I make ugly things (welll sometimes) or that I’m not proud of myself (ehhh) but it’s more of my hypercritical nature coupled with my hypersensitivity and my need for people to like what I do.

I’m telling you this because I recently made a cake for a friend that I actually liked when it was finished. I actually smiled! I may have jumped a lil for joy! THIS NEVER HAPPENS! Well sometimes, but rarely.


This was the picture she sent me for inspiration:


I’m sorry whoever made this cake. I don’t know where the picture is from so I can’t give you credit!

And here’s mine:



here it is in the fridge



just a friendly reminder : )


I love it! I still do! And my friend was thrilled so it made it even better!

UP NEXT: golf cupcakes

another fail

Sometimes I drop cakes. Or cookies. Or a pan of brownies. I don’t know why it happens. I wouldn’t consider myself a “clumsy” person really. Every time I drop something I think–now why? Why? WHYYYYYYY???? Did that have to happen??? What am I supposed to learn from this???? UGH.


Well for Father’s Day I dropped my dad’s most delicious delectable scrumptious gorgeous homemade CHOCOLATE¬† NUTELLA TART WITH ALMONDS just as I was leaving to go to my parents’ house. (sigh)

I didn’t even get a picture of it yet before it was ruined. (heavy sigh)


seriously. i mean. i can’t even look at it.

I didn’t get a picture of mine but it looked like this, only with almonds. And prettier.

Here‘s the recipe I followed

nutella tart

This was my apology to my dad.


Be careful out there all you bakers!

UP NEXT: a pretty sweet looking cake if I do say so myself

how is it JULY!!??!?

Well, June has come and gone.

I still really feel like it was just Memorial Day. But that’s neither here nor there–let’s talk cake!

As I mentioned before, I am expectinggggggggg, and I definitely definitely wanted to do a gender party reveal with a cake to reveal the baby’s gender! If you’ve been living under a rock and you’re asking yourself “what the heck is a gender reveal party??” I will explain: it all starts when two people love each other…. no no no just kidding–(super corny but I couldn’t help myself!).

OK it’s when a couple hosts a party to “reveal” what the unborn baby’s sex is–sometimes the couple knows already and sometimes they are surprised as well. There are a TON of ideas on Pinterest (follow my board: Frosted Bakery by Lena) of how to reveal the gender: balloons, pictures, and probably the best: CAKE. Can you guess what I picked???

We wanted to have our party with the intent that my husband and I would be surprised right along with everyone, so I asked my friend to make us a cake with either blue or pink frosting on the inside to denote a boy or girl. What really ended up happening is the ultrasound tech lady wrote the sex on the screen for the hubs and I to see while my mom faced the wall when we were getting our sonogram! Because we couldn’t wait but we wanted our family to be surprised!! hehe.

Anyways, so my friend at StudMuffins Cupcakery made an AWESOME AWESOME cake that was deeeeeeelicous. Seriously. Almond. And like natural almond. No almond extract–she put almond paste in that bad boy. And it paid off. Big time.

Here it is!:




How cute did that come out!?!?!?!

Ready for the big reveal????






AHHHH!!! ok for those of you still confused that means that we are having a baby GIRL. I love it!

The whole party was such a success and I’m so happy the cake was fabulous!!!! I’m still gushing about the whole thing really…. ramblings… o dear now it starts…


So I hope you will consider having a gender reveal party, and using a cake, and possibly asking me to make it for you because I’m obsessed with this and I think every pregnant person should be doing this!


Also I made nothing for July 4th. Ha!  I waaaaaaaaaaas thinkinggggg about making theeeeeeese:



but then it was July 5th and I was like: those s’mores were delicious.


UP NEXT: bridal shower cupcakes