Theo’s Superhero Birthday Party!

My good friend is notorious for throwing themed birthday parties for her 3 young children-and this year, it was superhero!!! Everyone came in costume (you’ll see the pics don’t worry) and she decorated so cutely for the party. She even asked me to make a Superman cake, but change the S to a T because her son’s name is Theo. Here’s how everything turned out!


bday boy !

this might be my favorite shot

Ok so here’s some pictures from the party: can you guess who everyone is???

boris and natasha from rocky and bullwinkle

(these are my parents : ) )

that’s me! I’m a powerpuff girl.

(don’t look too long at the picture because the eyes are freaky!)


this is my husband as Dr. Who with Powerpuff headband.

hard to look at I know! lol!

happy birthday Theo!

So there you have it folks! It turned out to be such a cute party!

UP NEXT: chocolate strawberry engagement cake= a sugar coma; a golf cake; and a fruit baby!

wine weekend cookies *clink*

(that was supposed to be 2 wine glasses “clinking” each other in a toast) : )

A couple weekends ago I went on a wine weekend with some girlfriends to the Finger Lakes in Geneva, NY. I wanted to bring a treat and I figured that cookies would be great because we were going in a limo and they would be portable. So I just had to buy a new wine glass cookie cutter and try them out!

they started like this

and ended like this. Pretty much right after I sat down in the limo with them. But we still ate all of them : )

It was awesome. I kinda love sugar cookie cutouts as of yet. fyi.

UP NEXT: umm probably a baked good of some kind.

Wedding Cake Pops!

If you read my last post, you’ll see the cake pops I mentioned here!

These were for my cousin’s wedding shower. They were red velvet, white almond, and cheesecake. Check out the pics!

I love them. I’m utterly in love with them. So proud! : )

So cute! Congrats Meredith and Jason!!!

UP NEXT: wine weekend shenanigans. i love cookies.

my biggest order yet……

At the end of June (yes I’m aware that it is now August hehe) I was asked to make pies and cake for a backyard wedding reception. I knew going in that it would be a very large order but I faced it head on!

The total count ended up being:

1  2-tiered wedding cake

40 mini fruit pies

10 mini fruit tarts

14 large pies.

Yea. It was crazy, but it was SUPER AWESOME! I’ve never baked like that in my life and although I lost a lot of sleep and was a crazy person, I loved every minute of it. Not to mention I made 72 wedding cake pops during this time for my cousin’s wedding (check them out in my next post!).

Instead of going bit by bit, I figured this experience would best be shared in a photographic slideshow of sorts. I’ll try to explain what’s happening in each picture 🙂

Here goes!


Let’s start with the cake. They asked for a checkerboard square cake. Great! Except that I had a limited number of pans and had to sorta “wing it” : )


The cake was strawberry/vanilla. So I made 2 batters and piped each of them into the pans. I did this layer by layer! The cake was 4-5 layers!

Here are some layers baked. It looked like a Dr. Seuss cake!

Here it is! I apologize for the lame-not particularly fancy photography—it was about 2 am at this point : ) More pictures to come!

Fridge shot! (yes this really happened)


some of the minis. I made strawberry, apple, blueberry, and peach.

creepy doll shot! haha. long story short: we inherited TOO many dolls and we don’t know what to do with them. Hence, they are everywhere.

chocolate cream!

I also made pecan, key lime, lemon meringue, banana cream, chocolate peanut butter, and coconut custard.

lemon meringue! what a beauty if i do say so myself.

that’s banana cream, choco PB, key lime

in the fridge

nighttime shot. again i apologize. that’s coconut custard on the left corner!



aww yeaaaa

I can’t believe we fit them all in the fridge. Well just the custard pies, really. But still!

Hmm now that I go through all of these pictures they do look a little iffy. I’m sorry! There will be more professional looking ones coming soon!

HOW did I do all of this you may ask? There are a number of things that helped me: I was off of work that week. I currently live where there is a big kitchen and a large dining room. I stayed SUPER organized and made as much ahead of time as I could. But the BIGGEST help I got was from my husband, Adam. He was a trooper. He made dough, fillings, went out in the middle of the night to get more ingredients for me. He never complained–just pumped me up when I was getting overwhelmed! Plus he’s super fun to be around and his sense of humor kept me laughing when I wanted to cry. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him! Love you babe!!

OH! If you would like any of these recipes you can email me and I will certainly send them to you!!

UP NEXT: wedding cake pops.. then wine weekend cookie shenanigans!