a safari birthday party

I love kid parties. I love the themes. I wish I could have a safari themed birthday party with animal cupcakes. (sigh)

Anyways! I made some super cute animal cupcakes for a little girl’s 2nd birthday party and I was verrrrrry happy with them : )

so cute!!!!

oh and these are my new business cards:

love em!!!

UP NEXT: bride and groom cake pops!

product review: artificial or legit?

So you may have seen the new frosting creations advertised where you can buy a base frosting, and then mix in a flavor packet to create a variety of flavors.

I chose Cinnamon Roll……….. because I love cinnamon buns and my recent diet does not allow me to eat cinnamon buns so I thought this was the closest thing!

Ok so I made my usual vanilla scrumptiously delicious cupcakes and then followed the directions on the packet to mix in the frosting.

They were actually not that bad. They definitely tasted artificial to me though—it wasn’t the natural cinnamon and sugar taste… it did have a weird aftertaste I thought. But they were edible. I brought them into work and they were gone!! I DID make sure that I told everyone that they weren’t homemade– just in case they were nasty : )

Here’s some more pictures:

So my final rating= so-so. I would give other flavors a try like cotton candy (yum!) but for cinnamon, I’d skip this and just sprinkle cinnamon and sugar into the frosting.

Have you tried these flavor creations yet?? Please post your comments on the flavors!!!

UP NEXT: safari animal cupcakes

Bella’s Birthday Party!

Wow so clearly June came and went. I apologize for the slackage here. I was SUUUPPPPEEERRR busy baking and now I’m going to catch you up with all these upcoming posts!

First: a splatter paint cake for my friend’s daughter’s birthday!



Messy ain’t it?? It looks like a child made it! Ha! But that was kinda the theme of the party so I went with it.


Basically I started with a basic white, buttercream iced cake, and then literally splattered frosting all over it!!! It was fun. Very therapeutic. 🙂


The inside was red velvet:

(I may have run out of red food dye slightly) haha


Anyways–it came out great! And the birthday girl loved it!!!


Here it is in my fridge:


That’s actually not the best picture I’m not sure why I put that there. But I only had a few pictures!!!

And in the car…..


Voila! A splatter paint cake!

So that’s it folks— stay tuned for more updates!


UP NEXT: a product review!