finally a GLUTEN FREE cake!

Well, people, I know I’ve been saying for awhile that I’m going to make something gluten free–and I finally did! It was my friend, Kim’s birthday and her husband asked me to make a cake for her and I said of course!


But–I did not make it from scratch scratch–I used a mix. I guess I kinda cheated then…. but it still counts because you have to add ingredients to the mix and it was a mix I’ve never used before. That counts right??? Right??!? : )





It came out  DELICIOUS! Kim was my roommate in college so I was around gluten free stuff and I’ve had gluten free cake before and honestly, it’s not always very good : (. I’ve made the Betty Crocker GF mixes before and those were okay, but very dry. Gluten free is usually dry and crumbly, from my experience.

This time I used the chocolate cake mix from Hodgson Mill. It came out very very moist. Plus, I made some killer chocolate frosting and that just made it super rich and chocolatey and moist. The frosting was the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder box. It’s amazing–you should try it.


So there you have it, GF-ers. Happy Birthday Kim!




AND it was my brother’s birthday, too. (Kim and Phil have the same birthday–wink wink).

I asked my brother what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he jokingly said “sponge candy.” And then “and ice cream.”

HA! Little did he know what I could come up with…..





Oh…. Mey….. Gad. It was AMAZING! Totally not healthy and I really broke my diet for this but really people–ugh it was just specatacular! Ice cream cake coma commence!


Start with a cookie crust:



Alright now remember that sometimes I try stuff and then it doesn’t work but that’s part of the fun! I would NOT recommend using the whole cookie like this because it doesn’t stick together. I did put some chocolate frosting on top of them which sort of created a crust but still it didn’t work nicely so just crush up your cookies and then mix them with butter and press them into the bottom. Really–no whole cookie.

K then take a big chunk of chocolate ice cream



and press it into the cookie crust:



Then pour the magical caramel sauce over the ice cream



Then bring on the sponge candy!! If you’ve never had sponge candy or you don’t know what it is– you need to get on that! It’s hard to describe, but as my husband Adam says: “it’s a light toffee caramel that looks like it was infused with carbonation to create air sacs and hollows in the candy to make it very light and melt in your mouth fluffy.” Thanks babe!

Here we go!


I chopped it up:


See how the insides are sorta like crystals? FLAVOR CRYSTALS.


Then I sprinkled them over the caramel sauce:



Then press the vanilla ice cream on top of that….




And put chocolate sauce over the top and sprinkle with more sponge candy bits! And sprinkles!



VOILA!  Here it is when we cut it–very messy! But YUM!


Oh  yea baby. SOOOOOOOOOOO good.


Well, folks. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy and you make this and you love it!


UP NEXT: PIES. and something for my 1st blog post anniversary!!

lemme just catch you up…..

hello hello. i know it’s been awhile but since the move it’s been a little bit crazy around here and you know me i usually forget to take pictures but i have been baking and i have been taking pictures!

Here’s the latest of what I’ve made:

Some cookies that I helped a friend decorate for a bridal shower:





A lemon meringue pie for my mama on Mother’s Day





Some DELICIOUS chocolate cookies for Mother’s Day




AND some super cute cupcakes for the Elephant Run!!!